News Updates

Results of June 2020 Quiz declared. Kindly see the results by logging in. Prizes shall be given after Covid-19 situation becomes normal.

Mission / Vision

What we have achieved

During 2001 Parishad started a Bharat KoJano Quiz competition for Junior and Senior groups of class 6 to 8th and 9 to 12th respectively. It was a three tier competition with written exams at branch level, oral round at regional level and then national level finals. About 6 lakh students are appearing annually in the written exams. Nearly 3 lakh Bharat KoJanobooks in Hindi, English, Gujarati, South Indian and other languages are distributed among the students every year.

Plan to Catch Them Young

To infuse our social and cultural superiority and greatness among the next generation and to enlighten them with knowledge of our greatness, many likeminded organizations are moving forward to work in this direction. Our H’ble Prime Minister has also shown his inclination to promote the greatness and superior quality of our Indian culture, art, historyand also wished to highlight the unique greatness of our people and things to the next generation.

In view of the above, Parishad has launched a mega project of “Online Bharat KoJano Quiz”, which will boost the minds of youngsters, improve their knowledge about their country and enable them to know and believe the scientific perception of Indian thoughts and Indian culture and tradition. This competition enhances the sense of pride in every Indian.