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Results of June 2020 Quiz declared. Kindly see the results by logging in. Prizes shall be given after Covid-19 situation becomes normal.

Bharat Ko Jano

Bharat Ko Jano

In view of the above, ‘Bharat Ko Jano’ (i.e. Know Your Country) Quiz Competition is prepared and staged among the School & College students so as to present a true and glorious picture of our great country before them. The aim of the competition is to inspire the youth of the country and those living abroad, to love and be proud of their country. It aims to mentally prepare them to make some sacrifices for the all-round development of our great country and propagate its greatness to the world.

The syllabus for such a vast subject cannot be precisely defined. However, it can be said that the Quiz mainly comprises Indian History, Geography, Religion & Culture, Polity & Constitution, Books & Authors, Sports & Entertainment, Literatures & Personalities, and other miscellaneous subjects like Founders, Important Dates, Recipients of Important Honours and Prizes, Historical Facts, Projects, Scientific Achievements, Current Affairs etc. etc. In one sentence, it can be said that everything about India or related to India is a part of the syllabus.

Online Bharat Ko Jano

Bharat Vikas Parishad is also of the opinion that now our youngster living in India as well as those living abroad, are keeping pace with our spiritual, cultural, social, scientific and technological superiority. Online BKJ competition provides a forum for such brilliant and enthusiastic youths of India and abroad, to join this quiz competition. This competition will provide them an integrated knowledge of Indian Culture, Religion, Traditions, Scientists, Doctors, Surgeons, Aviation, Astronomy, Medicine Plants, Ecology, National Heroes, Artists, Music, Sports Icons, Scientific Achievements, Spiritual Guides, Great Saints and other such great people and things. It will highlight our golden past and reassure them about our bright future. It will make them believe that future belongs to India and India will once again lead the world in almost all spheres of human endeavors.

The Quiz is useful not only to the students and their family members but also to the teachers and staff members associated with it, who will realise that along with the students, the quize will benefit and improve their awareness level too.