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About The Bharat Vikas Parishad

Bharat Vikas Parishad is a socio, cultural andnon-political organization of elites of the society. It was established in 1963 with the ideals, values,motivational and inspirational influenceof Swami Vivekanand. It has more than 1500 branches all over India and has more than 68,000 families as its members. Shri Hansraj Gupta, Dr. L M.Singhviand Justice Jitendravir Gupta were among the pioneers of this organization. It has a number of distinguished and eminent personalities as its patrons including Swami Satyamitra Nand Giri ji Maharaj, Shri Jagmohanji, Justice M. Rama Jois and Justice S. Parvartha Rao. Over the years, many Presidents and Prime Ministers of our country have visited and appreciated our programmes. A few months back, H’ble President Sri Ramnath Kovindji was witness to the Group Song Competition finals held in New Delhi and he immensely appreciated the programme.


Our branches undertake different worksunder our Sewa projects for the poor and needy people, e.g. Medical Check-ups, PathologyLabs, Eye operations, Ambulance service, Moksha-Rath, Diagnostic Centers and O.P.D. for Ayurved, Homeopathy and Allopathic treatments. Apart from this, we also provide nearly 30,000 artificial limbs free of cost to ourDivyangbrothers and sisters from our 14 ViklangSewa Kendra throughout India.


Parishad is dedicated to infuse and inculcate Indian Culture and Traditional values (Sanskar) among our youth. Guru-Vandan, Group Song Competition, Bharat KoJano Quiz and Sanskar Camps are planned and organized in all the branches of the Parishad. About 12 Lakh students are involved in these projects for thecultural awakening of our youth. Our school programmes are one of the largest school level competitive programmes in India.

Conceptual Background

We all know that India is a country of enormous size with different cultural and geographical diversities. Our country has always been considered as the ‘World Teacher’ of knowledge, vision and spirituality. India is the only country where different philosophies, castes, sects, cultures and religious groups etc. have visited it over the last many centuries and thrived and prospered here simply because our country lovingly encapsulated all of them with itself. Indian culture has a unique adaptability to one and all because of the teachings of the great literatures of the ‘Sanatan Dharma’.

It is a well known fact that our young generation is growing up with a westernized or English system of education. This education system is quite devoid of our universally acknowledged scientific achievements, architectural brilliance, spiritual greatness and rich cultural heritage and traditional values, which have all been greatly appreciated by world historians, international scientists and thinkers.

Over the past many centuries, different foreign groups invaded India and tried to destroy our culture and civilization. Our history has been presented to the world with a skewed outlook due to which our own generation has been looking to the west for knowledge and vision. They know relatively little about our glorious past and achievements of our scholars, scientists, philosophers, mathematicians, saints, medicine experts and other brilliant people and talents.